Your customers can get their orders whenever they want

We offer a click and collect
solution accessible 24/7


Our boxes are easy to use and ready to install as individually locked compartments. With them, your clients can pick their orders up whenever they want!

Solid and light
aluminium boxes with reliable technology



Pick the number, size and disposition of your boxes

Manage orders pick up through our secure web app 24/7

Fix it on the wall/ground, plug it in and you are set!




1# Pick your boxes

Identical sizes

Boxes identical sizes.jpg

Variable sizes

Boxes variable sizes.jpg
  • Swiss-made boxes 

  • Light and solid aluminium

  • Folded: no welding

  • Support up to 30Kg per box

  • 10 years warranty


  • Unlimited number of boxes


  • Custom dimensions available

2# We set up the electronics

  • You choose between PIN code or/and QR code readers


  • Each box has its electronic lock linked to the reader​

  • The boxes connect through Cellular and/or Wifi network

  • Each secure lock access is managed through the easyBox24 web app

PIN code reader

QR code reader

3# You install the boxes

​We deliver the boxes at your chosen location(s)

For the installation, you will need:

  • Tools to fix the boxes on the wall/ground

  • A 230V plug

Screws are provided

We can do the installation for an extra charge

The set up takes about 10 minutes

4# Receive your web app access to...

  • Empower your team to manage Click & Collect Orders

  • Send the access codes or QR codes to your customer via email

  • Control who has access to which box and when

  • Control the boxes remotely

  • Link your ERP via our API for an easy integration

  • Have dedicated account(s) for your brand

5# Drop your first order for pick up

  • Prepare the customer order

  • Create the customer in the web app

  • Choose the box and drop the order

  • Send a notification to the customer through the web app

  • The customer comes later

  • They enter their one-time PIN or QR code received via e-mail

  • The right box opens and they pick up their order!


Tell us a bit more about your project, the number & sizes of boxes you need and any specific requirements you might have.